I.C.E.- In Case of Emergency

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Since 9/11, and the tsunami, Katrina, and bombings in London, Bali (x2), etc, I've thought that something must be possible to help relieve telecommunication systems, and help reduce stress and worry for friends of people who may be caught up in disruptions. There's much more on these questions at my page on the subject, but, as a partial answer for me, I have set this page up and told friends and relations about it. I also mark valuables, i.e. my suitcase, with the site's link. Do you put your home address on your suitcase for anyone to see when you are away on holiday? There MUST by now be internet sites for burglars…. social networking comes to the criminal classes!

If a situation arises, and friends may be worried about me, I will try to post a note here. (It wouldn't be hard.) You might consider preparing a similar "instant communications channel" for your friends and family. Do be careful about what personal information you reveal in the public space of the web. Part of the beauty of the system is that while I will probably phone my wife, I'm not going to phone everyone who may be worried… but they can all see how things stand. Easily.

I believe… not 100% sure… but believe that if you register with Wikidot… not complicated… you can then re-visit this page while logged on, and click the "Watch this site" at the bottom of the page. Once you've done that, I think you'll get an email every time a page on the site is changed, e.g. new material is added. I'm not sure if you can limit your interest to just one page of my site. You can always switch "watching" off again, if the emails get annoying.

Also, a note lives in my wallet, telling hosptials, etc, how to post a note here in the event that I am incapacitated and in their care.

(Footnote: Bit of "sentimental" fun: I actually used this page during a difficult journey from KBD to SX, post Amazon. A message to reassure relatives, friends who would have known I was having trouble moving through a major storm: "17Mar07….You remembered! 8:40am: I'm in Cleveland… slept at airport. May be leaving to Boston 10:30 am, then I hope train to sx…" (I don't have a cell phone… but even if you do, there are advantages to the system demonstrated by the page you are reading.))

> > To contact friends and family of "the Sheepdog"… > >

If you need to post something here, like "We have an unconscious patient in our hospital, please get in touch by….." just fill in the boxes at the bottom of this page… you can use "Fred", "moc.sknaht|oN#moc.sknaht|oN". Leave the "website" box empty, if it arises. Be sure to click the "Post it!" button after entering your message. You don't need to log in or anything. You can just leave the "my website" box empty. You do have to put a name… some name… and an email address in those boxes. I know some people lie when impudent webpages demand information they don't need.

! ! Remember: the whole world can read whatever you post ! !

(If you can offer a reasonable translation of the paragraph above in another language, please attach it to this as a comment? I hope others will use a similar page, and that a standard version with instructions in many languages will soon become available for other "ICE people" to adopt.)


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Just before the comments and messages, which may have been added by anyone… a few notes for anyone setting up their own ICE page…


Module names are case sensitive! At one time… this may be dated… Wiki owner needed to create a "Comments" page, by posting a comment, to get comments thread working.

Note also: You did NOT have to add a new category (Forum Structure)… you just alter the permissions under the Forum | Permissions | Hidden | Per Page section.

A "Comments" page may be needed, or anon users might get invited to create one and then be told they can't… without any confirmation that their post succeeded….

END of "may be dated" material.

I'm afraid I don't know how to set up an RSS feed for this page that someone could subscribe to. See third paragraph from start for an easy alternative. If you do know how set the page up for RSS subscription, please post a comment below pointing me to the relevant "help" pages? Thanks!

(You can read some archived old comments, if you want to. Lucky you. (Amuses me to have the "history".)


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