zWDaa- What Are zWD Pages?

**The pages with names starting "zWD" are pages that "came with" my Wiki when I received it from WikiDot.

The pages are either tutorial in nature, or starting points which most users will morph into things appropriate to the purpose of the user's site. I expect that some people will simply delete some of these pages, but I thought I'd leave them for those of you who are still wondering if WikiDot is for you.

As I write this, I am very new to WikiDot… but i've been using computers for quite a while. I like what I'm seeing.

WikiDot isn't Idiot-Orientated… you will have to do a little work, and have a few grey cells. But if you don't mind having to THINK, it might be just what you need. It is user-friendly, in that you can do simple things quickly and easily and intuitively (if you've had just a little experience of Wikis, e.g. have even contributed to a Wikipedia discussion)… But! It also has advanced features, and you have LOTS of choices, if you take the trouble to explore your options.

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